This series serves as tribute to the only real American heritage, at least in my opinion. Nowadays - in the era of risen Trumpism, Wall Street capitalism, the free market, international and globalized politics - we forget how the States were born. An 'immigrant paradise.' 
The Gold Rush was a time in which nationalities from all over the world - mostly Europe - crossed and swarmed the Atlantic in search of their fortune. It led to a shift of the geopolitical and political situation of the Union. The pioneers - the ones that made the journey all the way to the frontier to find the precious metal they so dearly desired - gave the government the opportunity to implement American law to the 'unexplored frontier'. 
However, I could go on talking about conflict with native tribes and other dire situations that occurred as a result of this 'westward' expansion, but that is not the point of this series. 
This series should provide a glimpse into history. "What does the Wild West look like?", centuries after the era that made the United States what it is. Centuries after the era that paved a way for the famous saying: "The American Dream". 
This series will take you on a trip through history, from Vegas to Gold Valley near Virginia City NV, Death Valley and Tonopah. Some National Monuments such as Yosemite and the legendary Colorado River will also get their piece of attention. A huge part of my time was also dedicated to aesthetics .

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